May 2006

“Cleanliness is the key. The medical market forces many controls on sub-contractors throughout the production chain (below: clean room at Luponax in Oyonnax).

Philippe Boulette-Scola, manager of Infiplast in Oyonnax in the French “Plastic Valley”, has reduced the company’s presence in the automobile sector to below 33% and is now making headway in the medical sector. “A tricky step to make”, he admits, two years after launching Luponax, a division specialising in added-value parts such as implantable chambers and polysulphone components. “Manufacturers in the medical sector enforce strict hygiene and safety checks. You can count on at least three years of hard effort before being accepted as one of their suppliers.” The plastics expert is also putting his money on developing the building activity. In one year, his sales have progressed from 3 to 12%. “These two markets push us to innovate, increase our capacity and study new design methods. Infiplast intends to become a designer of complete sub-assemblies in partnership with its customers”, he adds.“

December 2005

INFIPLAST was renewed in certification ISO TS 16949 version 2002

October 2005

INFIPLAST exhibits at the FAKUMA trade show,

In line with its international development, INFIPLAST took part in the 17th edition of the International Trade Fair for Plastic Processing in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Its participation in the major event in the plastics processing world (1,540 exhibitors from 39 countries) was the opportunity for INFIPLAST to break into new markets and to strengthen links with existing customers.

September 2005

French Prime Minister, Dominique de Villepin, visits INFIPLAST,

During a trip to Plastics Valley looking into employment and training, a delegation of French ministers decided to visit the European Plastics Processing hub and the company INFIPLAST, which is representative of a new generation of innovative, plastics-processing companies.
Mr Philippe Boulette Scola, CEO of INFIPLAST and CFAO (an apprentice training centre based in Oyonnax), shared, with the Prime Minister, his vision of the markets and the challenges to be faced in the struggle to remain competitive, challenges such as the excessive hike in raw material costs and the monopolistic position of suppliers.
Also discussed were the subjects of employment and training. Mr Philippe Boulette Scola mentioned the dynamism of the plastics processing industry and how it is necessary to adapt human resources through training to stay abreast of the constantly evolving profession.
During the thank you speech, Mr Philippe Boulette Scola asked the ministers to stay in touch with the field, to ensure they remain aware of the realities of companies and are able to provide support to their innovation drives to remain competitive in international markets. The recent election of the Plastic Valley as a ‘Centre of Competition’, also highlights this point.
The delegation was made up of: Mr Dominique de Villepin (French prime minister); Mr Gérard Larcher (minister for employment and the professional insertion of young people); Mr François LOOS (minister for industry); Mr Christian ESTROSI (minister for regional development); Mr Michel FUZEAU (prefect of the Ain area of France); Mr Charles de la Verpillière (president of the general council of Ain); Mr Jean-Paul Émin (senator of the Ain); Mr Lucien Guichon (parliament representative for Ain) and Mr Michel Voisin (parliament representative for Ain)

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April 2003

“Profiting from experience and trading“

An article about INFIPLAST in Crescendo

Article published in Crescendo (No. 6 - April 2003), a journal covering health and safety in business, published by CRAM Rhône-Alpes.
Editor: Ludovic Nassisi.

A few extracts:

“Infiplast,..., moved premises in 2001. The aim was not just to meet the need for more space,... but to improve the quality of life and promote a brand image.”

“We work for demanding clients in terms of quality, adherence to lead times and improved working conditions is a not insignificant factor in enabling us to meet requirements.”

“...the most innovative measure was the installation of a fumes and irritant gas detection system, especially when purges are taking place.”

“For Philippe Boulette Scola, the gain is invaluable, not only have productivity and quality improved, but there have also been gains in terms of mutual trust: when the head of a company cares about the working conditions of his staff they notice.”


March 2003

INFIPLAST appears in the “activists of innovation” special issue of l‘Usine Nouvelle.

A few extracts:

“The day of the plastics pioneers who sold only their knowledge and expertise is over, we have move into the age of carefully considered work which favours flexibility, responsiveness, safety and security.”

ISO/TS 16949 certification has strengthened the industrial and commercial structure and is now a guarantee of customer satisfaction.”

“Infiplast is continuing its technological development and incorporating the biomaterial process into its production shop. This cutting edge technology permits great flexibility in the design and manufacture of products and part assembled products requiring several thermoplastic materials.”

Focused towards the international, at present the company produces 20% of its turnover from exports and has recently won new contracts in various European countries ...“

INFIPLAST develops the bi-injection

The bi-injection technology allows a greater flexibility in manufacturing and designing products as well as sub-assemblies needing several different thermoplastic materials.
This process mastered by INFIPLAST is a great profit for each client wishing to multiply the functions on his product without performing any completion operation. Bi-injection guarantees a very interesting cost/benefit ratio.
In fact, this process allows the manufacturing of a « finished » product at each machine cycle.


Technology using machines with dual injection block and rotary platen fitted in the fixed part.
Allows the association of different thermoplastic materials (such as elastomers, technical rigid matters, transparent matters …..)
Allows the overmoulding of joints, of transparent zones, of rigid fixing zones….

Archives - September 2002
A new article about INFIPLAST in L'USINE NOUVELLE
A few extracts:

"Specialists in the production and design of plastic sub-assemblies, Infiplast has just obtained ISO/TS 16949 certification, an international quality standard which covers everything required of a world motor vehicle manufacturer. This qualification should enable a small or medium-sized business to maximize its export market share."

" …, the company has included the requirements for motor vehicle manufacturers while retaining its market share in other sectors …"

"We are equipped, in addition, with simple production management tools of proven value in the car industry (solving 8D, 5S problems, etc.), …"

"We pursue a programme of total quality which is meaningless unless the staff are involved in achieving this objective, adds the President."

"From this point of view we expect to focus increasingly on the manufacture of sub-assemblies for export."

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Archive - May 2002
As part of a special feature called "Rhône-Alpes, the car industry is diversifying and innovating", including an interview with Philippe Boulette Scola, CEO of INFIPLAST.

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